Your own FAA approved portable oxygen concentrator — or a rented, approved POC — is allowed in the aircraft cabin.

Virgin Atlantic no longer provides or allows compressed medical oxygen, or Personal oxygen systems containing liquid oxygen, onboard. You can, however, use approved Portable Oxygen Concentrators with advance notification.

If you need to rent a POC, click here for our Rental Process.

  • OxygenToGo personnel can guide you through all steps necessary to rent a POC.
  • Our equipment may be used for your entire air and land trip, so you will not need any additional equipment.

You cannot be seated in an exit row or bulkhead if you intend to you use a POC. Your POC does not count toward your carry-on baggage limit, but must meet the following conditions to be allowed on board:

  • The battery should be removed and packaged separately if not in use.
  • The packaged battery terminals should not contact any metal objects.

If you have your own equipment, you may use that equipment by completing the steps below:

  • Complete your travel plans and purchase your ticket.
  • Verify that you or your FAA approved portable oxygen concentrator supplier will have the FAA required 150% of battery time for your cumulative flight times. (See Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) FAA Battery Requirements below.)
  • At least 48 hours prior to travel, you must complete the POC Battery Approval Request form and fax/email it to OxygenToGo at the contact information listed on the statement. Failure to submit the POC Battery Approval Request at least 48 hours prior to travel may result in delays or refusal to board.
  • You will receive a telephone confirmation from OxygenToGo when they have received the completed POC Battery Approval Request form. Contact OxygenToGo if you do not receive a confirmation call within 24 hours of submission.
  • You must bring the completed POC Battery Approval Request form to the airport. We advise you carry the Statement with you, rather than in checked baggage.

Accepted POCs

The following portable oxygen concentrators are accepted onVirgin Atlantic. If your Virgin Atlantic ticketed flight is operated by another airline, contact them directly for their policy regarding medical oxygen or inquire with OxygenToGo.

  • AirSep FreeStyle
  • AirSep Freestyle 5
  • AirSep Focus
  • Delphi RS-00400 (Oxus)
  • DeVilbiss Healthcare iGo
  • Inogen One
  • Inogen One G2
  • Inogen One G3
  • Inogen One G4
  • Inova Labs LifeChoice Activox – (Sport Model)
  • Inova Labs LifeChoice Activox – (Pro Model)
  • Inova Labs LifeChoice Activox 4L
  • International Biophysics LifeChoice
  • Invacare SOLO 2
  • Invacare XPO2
  • Oxlife Independence
  • Precision Medical Easy Pulse (Model 4130)
  • Precision Medical Easy Pulse (Model 4150)
  • Precision Medical TOC (Model 4400) (Pulse and Continuous)
  • Respironics EverGo
  • Respironics SimplyGo
  • Respironics SimplyGo Mini
  • SeQual Eclipse (Models 1 and 2)
  • SeQual Eclipse Autosat (Models 3 and 5)
  • SeQual eQuinox (a.k.a Oxywell 4000)
  • SeQual SAROS
  • VBox Trooper

POC FAA Battery Requirements

The FAA requires that a POC user must have 150% of their total actual flight time in battery time, regardless of how long the user may choose to use the device.

The appropriate number of batteries should be calculated using the manufacturer’s estimate of the hours of battery life while the device is in use, and according to the information provided on the POC and Battery Approval Request form (e.g., flow rate for the POCs). See your user manual for battery durations.

The expected maximum flight duration is defined as the carrier’s best estimate of the total duration of the flight from departure gate to arrival gate. Your flight time can be found under “My Trips” on

Call OxygenToGo at 307-732-0040 to discuss your specific battery needs, or with any questions regarding the duration of your POC batteries.