Oxygen To Go

Are you over 18 years of age?

The FDA and FAA have approved POCs for adults only at this time. However, your physician may approve the Inogen One for “off label use” for minors. Please discuss this with your physician. You may need to find another method to secure oxygen during travel. If your physician has questions about use, please have them contact us.

Are you using a travel service (airline, cruise line, etc.) that accepts portable oxygen concentrators (POCs)?

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved POCs for use onboard aircraft.

Effective May 13th of 2009 every US air carrier must permit the use of approved portable oxygen concentrator (POC) devices on all domestic and international flights.

This is also true for foriegn carriers but only on flights departing or returning to US soil. (see page 27615 on the link below for definition and examples of "flight")


Can a portable oxygen concentrator satisfy your oxygen need?

A POC provides inhalation only oxygen flow up to 6 liters per minute (LPM). If you require more than 6 LPM or continuous flow, especially while sleeping, you will need a different solution.

Do you have a prescription for oxygen treatment?

If not, you need to call your doctor for a prescription. Should you already use Oxygen and you cannot obtain a rewritten prescription in time for your rental period, please contact us.

Inogen One

We rent several different models of portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) for periods from a week to months. Every rental includes 24-hour access to respiratory therapists and board-certified physicians. And we can deliver these units to you FAST!

Did you know? With the FAA ruling, airlines require that you must have 150% of your flight time in battery time. So with a six hour flight, you would need nine hours of battery time. Call us with any questions at 877-736-8691

Customer Testimonial (view all)

I can’t say enough about oxygentogo.

I have absolutely no problems boarding or while on the airplane from los angeles to honolulu and on my connedting flight to knoa hawaii. It worked with no problems on each flight.

I was very pleased with the oxygen monitor that was included in the kit. It helped me know and realize when I needed the oxygen. There have been times I haven’t used my oxygen as I would just rest and feel fine. By monitoring it I knew when my level was below 90. I can stop fooling myself now and use the oxygen.

Jimmy and david were so helpful in getting me the kit with everything I needed. I ordered only 3 days prior to our flight as I was told by hawaiian airlines to call 72 hours in advance for oxygen. When I called they informed me they gave me oxygentogo’s phone number. I called they immediately explained the service to me.

David faxed me the contract and I faxed my signed copies back to them. The kit was delivered to me on wednesday and gave me time to read and understand the machine.

I had a question that evening as to how to attach the machine to the rolling cart and called the 800 number. Their answering service immediately found jimmy as I told them I had a problem. He was so kind and helpful answering many of my questions. These gentlemen are very polite and caring to their clients.

i feel the oxygentogo should be better advertised. Over a month prior to my trip I called five different oxygen distributotors to try and rent a machine and they all said “no one does that” they’d only try to seel me the equipment. Because of their kindness and concern i’ll be purchasing a machine from your company if I could afford one, however i’ll have to wait until I hit the lottery. But in the meantime i’ll be renting your kit for every flight I take!

Sincerely, Barbara O.