Oxygen To Go

Oxygen and Arrangements per the TSA website.

Passengers are responsible for making the arrangements with:

  • The airline(s) for supplemental Oxygen onboard the aircraft.
  • Local providers for oxygen use during any layover stop(s) and at the final destination.
  • The airline, friends, relatives or a local supplier for removal of the canister from the originating airport's gate area immediately after you leave the gate area to board the aircraft.


When You Make Your Reservation:

Arranging for Supplemental Oxygen (O2) Aboard the Aircraft

  • Neither the Air Carrier Access Act nor the Americans with Disabilities Act require airlines to provide oxygen service. Consequently, airline policies, procedures and services on accommodating passengers who use supplemental oxygen vary widely.
  • Notify the carrier when you make your reservation that you will need to use supplemental oxygen aboard the aircraft(s).
  • Ask about the airline's policies on the use of supplemental O² onboard. Federal regulations prohibit airlines from allowing passengers to bring their own oxygen canisters aboard to use during the flight. Passengers who use oxygen canisters must purchase canisters from the airline for use during the flight. However, some airlines do permit passengers to bring aboard oxygen concentrators, which do not contain oxygen, and use them during the flight. Policies vary from carrier to carrier, so be sure to check with your airline well in advance.
  • Keep in mind that not all airlines offer supplemental oxygen service, or may not offer it aboard all their aircraft. Inquire whether: 1) the airline provides oxygen service, 2) it is available on the flights you wish to take, and 3) you must provide a doctor's letter, or permit them to contact your doctor directly to verify your medical need.

Arranging for Supplemental Oxygen during Layovers or at Your Destination

  • Notify the carrier(s) you are traveling with that you will need oxygen at the airport(s). Let them know that your O² supplier will be meeting you at the gate with an O² canister.
  • Ask about their policy for allowing O² suppliers to meet you at the layover airports and/or at your destination gate.
  • Contact your O² supplier and request that they make arrangements for your O² at the city or cities you'll require. The supplier will need to know the airline(s) you'll be using, departure and arrival dates and time, departure and arrival gates, flight number(s), arrival time(s), and the equipment you will need. Make all these arrangements as soon as possible.
  • If a representative from the oxygen-providing company is going to meet your flight with an O² canister, arrange for your flight(s) to arrive during the supplier's normal business hours, if possible. Also, have a local phone number and a contact person in the event of any unforeseen situation(s), such as if their representative is not at the arrival gate when you get there.
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