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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals for Travelers

We take care of all the details with all airlines.

Physician & Respiratory Therapist supervised




May 13th 2009 rule change -

All US airlines must permit the use of approved Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) devices worldwide and all Foreign airlines must allow use of approved devices on all flights to and from US soil.

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We also rent POC batteries for many POC models. Call 877-736-8691 for details.

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Inogen One

Customer Testimonial (view all)

I would like to thank you for your excellent assistance when I inquired about the use of the Inogen One oxygen system. Since my diagnosis of C.O.P.D. and Sarcoidosis in April, 2005, I have been unable to pursue my profession of consulting in airport safety and security due to 100% oxygen use requirement. My travel has been curtailed, and all long term commitments for service were temporarily postponed.

However, I began searching the internet for “portable oxygen systems” that would enable me to return to work while utilizing the most advanced system presently available. I found your company on the internet and I was genuinely interested in your rental program so I could evaluate an entire system. I was amazed at the operation of the Inogen One system, but I was equally pleased by you and your company’s commitment to service and customer satisfaction.

I was able to fully utilize the Inogen One system in my home environment, in my automobile and fully utilize the battery mode of operation. Wow, it was wonderful to finally regain some lifestyle freedom. No extra M-6 tanks to haul around, no continuous monitoring of the “tank” to make sure “I had enough left”—just change the battery and off I go. How neat! How reassuring!

I will be purchasing an Inogen One system in the future thanks to your rental program and will be in contact with you. I would like however, to emphasize that the friendliness of service you provided to me beyond just the rental program is a credit to you personally and your company’s commitment to customer service. Thanks for all your kind assistance.

Don T.