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Oxygen Rental Process

 Oxygen Rental Agreement & Patient Intake Form    



Are you ready to rent a device? Here is the process:

  • Read the Rental Checklist to make sure that you qualify for a POC. (If the answer is “maybe” or “no”, give us a call to discuss your options at  (877) 736-8691.)
  • Call us at (877) 736-8691 to discuss your needs, the type of POC and accessories that are right for your ailment, the price of the rental, and the details of your travel itinerary.
  • Download the form listed at the bottom of this checklist: the patient intake form and the rental agreement.                        

  • Print out the form, fill in every space, and sign all noted areas..
  • Provide a method of payment, usually a credit card number.
  • Note our Cancellation Policy on the Rental Agreement.
  • Fax the forms to us at 866-903-9709.
  • Call 877-736-8691 to confirm your fax has been received 20 minutes after you fax.
  • Failure to submit the Physician Statement at least 48 hours prior to travel may result in delays or refusal to board.

Please download the below and complete all pages.



 Oxygen Rental Agreement & Patient Intake Form    


            For home unit rental only. 
          Home Rental Agreement  


(Don't complete a Battery Rental Agreement if you have completed the Patient Intake Form & Rental Agreement)

You will receive a portable oxygen concentrator at your home (or wherever you have specified) at least 24 hours before your scheduled departure. We usually send the device via Federal Express 2nd Day Air.) The POC and its accessories will arrive in a blue or green hipping container.

 The device is very simple to use. Nonetheless, to honor our commitment to reduce the stress of traveling with oxygen, one of our customer agents will call you to explain the device and accessories.

In most situations, you will only take the device, carrying case, power cords, and spare batteries. The shipping container stays at your home, awaiting your return - if your trip is a "One-Way". 

When traveling with OxygenToGo equipment, our agents, respiratory therapists, and doctors are available 24 hours a day to answer questions, explain the operations of the device, or provide an immediate replacement if necessary. These are all part of the OxygenToGo Difference.

When you get home from your travels, re-insert the device and accessories into the shipping container, affix the return shipping label, and give us a call to have the device picked up!


Commonly requested airline Physician's Statements. 

Failure to submit the Physician Statement at least 48 hours prior to travel may result in delays or refusal to board.

Delta Airlines oxygen form    





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We rent several different models of portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) for periods from a week to months. Every rental includes 24-hour access to respiratory therapists and board-certified physicians. And we can deliver these units to you FAST!

Did you know? With the FAA ruling, airlines require that you must have 150% of your flight time in battery time. So with a six hour flight, you would need nine hours of battery time. Call us with any questions at 877-736-8691

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I’m really impressed with the unit and how well thought-out it seems to be. I’m also impressed with the fantastic, friendly and efficient service I’ve received to date. Thanks again, and I’ll be in touch after we return from the cruise!

Sincerely, Tom