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The Oxygen To Go®  Difference

OxygenToGo’s service is much different than most other oxygen suppliers.

Medicine First

Air Safety week article Nov, 1 2010

Sept 11, 2008 Medical Screening Press Release


We are not just an equipment provider. Nor are we even just a service company. We provide health care to you while you travel with oxygen.

Other rental agencies have agents with no medical experience. Our customer support agents are licensed respiratory therapists with long experience with portable oxygen concentrators. They will assess your condition and match you to the best equipment available.

If you have questions that require information from a doctor, other agencies will tell you to call 9-1-1. We will connect you immediately with a certified physician.

Every rental includes a pulse oximeter, which slips on your finger to immediately display your oxygen saturation levels so that you can adjust the flow rate on the device yourself.

Other rental agencies just want your money. We want you to travel safely. This is not just because we like our customers. We have found that (no surprise!) you are more likely to rent from us again and recommend us to your friends if you arrive home healthy and happy.

As testament to our focus on medicine, if we think that your oxygen-related ailment is so severe that we do not think that you should travel, we will not rent a device to you, but instead will connect you to a physician at our expense to explain the medical implications.

Excellent Logistics

Our record for fastest delivery is 42 minutes from the first call to delivery at Las Vegas’s McCarran Airport! We have units stationed around the globe in order to reduce the cost and time of getting a unit to you immediately.

If your unit is lost or damaged, other rental agencies will provide a unit to you within a few days IF they have any available. On the other hand, we GUARANTEE that we will get you a replacement in less than 24 hours – and perhaps even faster if possible. In addition to having these units deployed around the world for just these emergencies, we also are authorized by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) for “counter-to-counter” service, which means that we can send you a unit on the first available commercial flight. Finally, we have a network of partners to deliver units by courier when necessary.

If the unit requires replacement because it is faulty, all aspects of the rapid replacement are free to you.

Other rental agencies only have a few devices in stock. At OxygenToGo® , we have hundreds of units and several different models to best meet your needs.

We have also implemented a series of detailed processes to receive, clean, and test each device before it is rented again. The manufacturer of the most popular brand of POCs has visited our facility several times, reviewed these procedures, and now uses them as their standard of care for all other vendors.

Other rental agencies will provide you with a device and then let you interact with airlines and customs agents on your own. Because we work directly with several different airlines, we will complete the specific paperwork and ensure that you are following the specific policies of the airline or cruise line on which you are traveling.

Every OxygenToGo unit and accessory has our contact number so that you can ask the airline agent, security inspector, or customs agent to call us directly to resolve any problems you might face.

Reasonable Price

Some other POC rental agencies offer very low prices. But read the fine print!
They usually charge A LOT extra for batteries. We include three batteries as part of the base package, and offer additional batteries beyond those initial three at very affordable rates.

Their “special offers” require that you book far in advance – as many as eight weeks! We have the same rental prices if you need the device the next day, the next week, or the next year. (Please note that our shipping charges may vary in these instances.)

They do NOT offer rapid replacement if the device is damaged. We do. If the unit is deemed to be faulty, we pay for all of the expenses to get a new device to you as fast as possible.

We may not offer the lowest price for your rental. But we offer the best value and service to ensure that your travel is free of stress over your oxygen supply.
Test us!

Please call us for prices and details. We hope that you ask hard questions so that we can demonstrate why OxygenToGo®  is the largest, most competent supplier of oxygen to travelers in the world.

Many of our customers send us letters of thanks [link to testimonials] and, even after reviewing the competition, rent from us repeatedly. Our care and service will earn your trust, too.

“Oxygen to Go” is a registered trademark of Oxygen to Go, LLC

Inogen One

We rent several different models of portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) for periods from a week to months. Every rental includes 24-hour access to respiratory therapists and board-certified physicians. And we can deliver these units to you FAST!

Did you know? With the FAA ruling, airlines require that you must have 150% of your flight time in battery time. So with a six hour flight, you would need nine hours of battery time. Call us with any questions at 877-736-8691

Customer Testimonial (view all)

I can’t say enough about oxygentogo.

I have absolutely no problems boarding or while on the airplane from los angeles to honolulu and on my connedting flight to knoa hawaii. It worked with no problems on each flight.

I was very pleased with the oxygen monitor that was included in the kit. It helped me know and realize when I needed the oxygen. There have been times I haven’t used my oxygen as I would just rest and feel fine. By monitoring it I knew when my level was below 90. I can stop fooling myself now and use the oxygen.

Jimmy and david were so helpful in getting me the kit with everything I needed. I ordered only 3 days prior to our flight as I was told by hawaiian airlines to call 72 hours in advance for oxygen. When I called they informed me they gave me oxygentogo’s phone number. I called they immediately explained the service to me.

David faxed me the contract and I faxed my signed copies back to them. The kit was delivered to me on wednesday and gave me time to read and understand the machine.

I had a question that evening as to how to attach the machine to the rolling cart and called the 800 number. Their answering service immediately found jimmy as I told them I had a problem. He was so kind and helpful answering many of my questions. These gentlemen are very polite and caring to their clients.

i feel the oxygentogo should be better advertised. Over a month prior to my trip I called five different oxygen distributotors to try and rent a machine and they all said “no one does that” they’d only try to seel me the equipment. Because of their kindness and concern i’ll be purchasing a machine from your company if I could afford one, however i’ll have to wait until I hit the lottery. But in the meantime i’ll be renting your kit for every flight I take!

Sincerely, Barbara O.