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Brent Blue, President

Brent Blue, President

Dr. Brent Blue is the founder of OxygenToGo® and several other medical device and service companies. His experience as a family and emergency physician and as a private plane pilot and air flight enthusiast has stimulated his business interest in medical devices for low-oxygen environments. Dr. Blue received his B.A. from Vanderbilt University and his M.D. from the University of Louisville. His postdoctoral training was done at the University of California-San Francisco.

Dr. Blue has been in practice for 28 years, the last 25 in Jackson Hole, WY. He has also practiced Emergency Medicine on a part time basis in Northern California and Chicago. He is an author of several medical and lay articles and a frequent lecturer -- particularly in the areas of aviation medicine, hypoxia, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

David Hughes, Director of Operations

David Hughes, Director of Operations

David is responsible for all operational needs including customer service, staffing, training, information technology, and regulation compliance. With 21 years of experience with specialized International and Domestic logistics companies. 

David has implemented complex operations that include emergency delivery of equipment within an hour to customer. And four hours to any point with the U.S.  including Bunnell, OEC Medical, and American Express. David received his B.A. from the University of Utah.

Inogen One

We rent several different models of portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) for periods from a week to months. Every rental includes 24-hour access to respiratory therapists and board-certified physicians. And we can deliver these units to you FAST!

Did you know? With the FAA ruling, airlines require that you must have 150% of your flight time in battery time. So with a six hour flight, you would need nine hours of battery time. Call us with any questions at 877-736-8691

Customer Testimonial (view all)

I want to take this opportunity to let you know what a positive experience we had with the system on our recent cruise to Alaska. The system arrived in plenty of time for me to become familiar with it and it’s use. I felt positive in getting on the plane with the system and the batteries held up just fine for the four and a half hour flight, the hour long transfer to the cruise ship and to our suite. We very easily transferred the system to the ship’s electrical system and recharged the batteries. It was just so easy to use and so trustworthy. We never had a moment’s problem.

I talked to several people on the cruise that were using oxygen and they were amazed at the system itself and at how inexpensive it was to rent the unit compared to what they had to pay for oxygen for the flight, time at the airport and the cruise. They paid almost three times the amount of what I paid and one lady had a malfunction with her system and her rental company had to fly another system to her on the ship!

The instructions provided for assembly and packing for return of the system to your company are very user friendly and easy.

You and your staff have been spectacular to work with. You did everything you said that you would do and it was done in a friendly and courteous manner. That doesn’t always happen with every company I have to deal with for accessibility equipment and it’s very much appreciated.

Please feel free to use my name in anyway that would be helpful in letting those in need of your services know that this system exists and that it is easy to use and financially friendly!

Thanks again for making our trip such a wonderful experience!

Sincerely, Tom H.